How to Unleash the power of ATLAS + Weatherman: our new AI chat Support duo

Get live analyses of your EYC environment with ATLAS + Weatherman

Note: Find out the types of analysis you can get in Getting an environment or instance analysis from EY Weatherman.

ATLAS is now live, and this means that you can now get analyses of your environments in real-time using its in-built Weatherman integration.

Weatherman is an advanced, non-destructive AI tool engineered to handle alerts effectively, employing the same tools and commands utilized by our live agents. The system has been integrated with insights gleaned from years of hands-on experience addressing complex issues within various environments.

To get an analysis of your instance, simply select your environment or instance, and explain your issue. Weatherman will check all relevant instances, logs, and processes, and get back to you with its analysis:


You can then let ATLAS investigate your issue using the knowledge contained in this Knowledge base:


While we are looking to extend Weatherman's functionality with your feedback, many scenarios are already considered. For example, you can try Weatherman to analyze the following:

  • Find out what is using most of your disk space and which files are safe to remove.
  • Identify what element is failing when your website is down or unreachable.
  • Get an analysis of a failed Chef run when clicking the 'Apply' button.
  • Identify why a backup is failing in a certain DB instance.

Please note that Weatherman is, at present, limited to EYC. You can learn more about Weatherman in our article Introducing Weatherman: Your Engine Yard AI Assistant for Instance and Environment Alerts

Working with ATLAS

While we are committed to improving ATLAS and Weatherman to be a seamless interface, there are certain tips and best practices that will help improve your experience: 

1. Describe the issue in detail from the beginning, similar to what you would do when raising a ticket.

  ✅ "Puma is not starting after a new deployment, but I see no errors in the deployment log"

  ❌ "Deployment fails"


2. If ATLAS doesn't understand your question, rephrase it.

  "How do I upgrade?"

ATLAS: "Can you please provide more details or ask differently?"  

  ✅ "How can I upgrade my environment from stack v5 to stack v7?"

  ❌ "How do I upgrade?"


3. If you are offered buttons, use them.

ATLAS"First of all, to which Engine Yard product is your query related?"  

[Engine Yard Cloud (EYC)] [Engine Yard Kontainers (EYK)]  

  ✅  <<Press the [EYC] button>> 

  ❌ "I need help with EY Cloud"


4. Don't ask for an agent without letting ATLAS try to solve your issue.

ATLAS is trained in some complex common scenarios and can check things in the backend and perform changes. You would be surprised!

ATLAS"How can I help?"  

  ✅  "My Chef run is failing after making changes to the Sidekiq recipe"

  ❌  "I need an agent"


5. Always review the related articles suggested by ATLAS.


6. Don't panic!

We know that ATLAS is not perfect and we are 100% dedicated to improving it. If ATLAS is unable to help you, and you confirm with the buttons that the solutions provided didn't help. It will eventually transfer you to an agent.



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