Sister companies working with Engine Yard

As is the case with businesses nowadays, Engine Yard is part of a larger family of companies which all provide different services to each other.  On EY parlance, the are called sister companies. As a result of these interactions, customers may receive communications from them.

Important: while the companies below could be considered as data processors for Engine Yard, the description below is provided for informational purposes only. If a formal list of data processors is needed, please file a ticket with Support or reach out to


Follows a non exhaustive list of these companies, with short description of which role each one plays on the Engine Yard operation.  In case of any further information needed, please open a ticket with Support.

- holding company, who owns and oversees the operation of Engine Yard.

- systems and operations company providing services to holdings like, and by extension to Engine Yard. These services are related, but not restricted, to Engineering, Business Operations, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and Legal.

-,,, companies being part of or other holdings, which lend resources to Engine Yard. On occasion, personnel or systems from these companies do reach to customers of Engine Yard on specific items related to the business operation.


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