Discount on IaaS usage on EY Cloud

On April 1st 2023, Engine Yard announced a plan for customers to subscribe to a 10% discount on server costs as part of the annual commitment. This discount applies only on server costs (reflected as AWS IaaS charges on your invoice) on EY Cloud, and does not apply on any other charges.

Please note that this is a year long commitment, during which it will not be possible to cancel the subscribed account.


In order to subscribe to the discount and make it the effective, follow the steps below:


  • Click on Activate Discount. The following screen will show up:


  • Read the terms, and click on Activate Commitment.
  • An email will be sent to the account owners notifying of the subscription to the discount.

Once the account is enabled, the Discount Section will show a message as follows (date is illustrative):


For any questions, please contact or open a ticket with our Support Team.


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