Verify running processes

Note: This document assumes that you have access to the cluster and is already connected to it via kyb.

Verify running processes

  • Determine the identifiable name of the application. You can execute eyk apps:list to check all the applications in the cluster.
  • Execute eyk ps:list -a <app name> to see all the available processes in the application.

Restarting processes

  • Execute eyk ps:restart <process type, eg. web, worker, etc.> -a <app name>
  • If you need to restart a particular process, use web-xxxxx or app-v2-xxxxx.

Scaling pods

  • To scale up or down, use eyk ps:scale <process type>=<desired number of processes> -a <app name>

Access pod via Shell

  • Execute eyk ps:console <pod name> <process type> <app name> <command> to obtain shell access for a specific pod.
  • Example: eyk ps:console testapp-test-web-xxxxxxxx-xxxxx web testapp-test /bin/bash



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