Giving other users access to apps


It is common that more than one user/developer needs access to a given application to be able to manage it.  This is true for operations like scaling up/down processes, add/change environment variables, view logs, as well as deploying via 'git push eyk'. The steps below show how to achieve this using the EYK cli.


Important: these steps can be performed only by the owner of the application. The owner is either the user that created the application or someone whom the creator transferred the ownership to.  The owner can be found by running eyk ps -a <app_name> and search for the field "owner".

So, the owner of the app should:

  1. Make sure the user(s) needing access are part of the account, or otherwise invite them to join through, option "Invite others to become a member of your account". Further details on permissions available here.
  2. Once part of the account, have the person(s) install the EYK cli and run eyk ssologin https://eyk.<cluster_name>.<account_name>
  3. Give access to the app for each user, by running eyk perms:add <user_email_address> -a <app_name>
  4. Have each user confirm access by asking them to run eyk ps; the app(s) which were given permission to should show up on the list.


Changing ownership of an app

It may be the case that ownership of an app needs to be transferred to a different user.  To make this effective, the current owner has to:

  1. Make sure the new owner already has access to the app.
  2. Effectively transfer the ownership by running eyk apps:auth <user_email_address> -a <app_name>.
  3. Verify that the ownership has changed by running eyk ps -a <app_name> and search for the field "owner".

In the event that the current owner is not available, then have the account owner open a ticket with Support requesting the transfer of ownership of the app.


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