Engine Yard Kontainers 1.10.1 Release Notes - February 6th 2023

Impact: New EYK clusters created since this release will by default be version 1.10.1. Please contact Support if you need to upgrade an existing cluster.

Action: None


  • Feature: Adds persistent storage through EFS. (*)
  • Feature: new dashboards added to Grafana to track deployments, pod status, and http metrics.
  • Feature: Router nows supports a default application, so to handle incoming traffic to URLs not mapped to a specific domain.
  • Feature: Router now can use SSL client certs to present itself. (*)
  • Feature: Router can now present specific maintenance pages per application.(*)
  • Improvement: upgraded EKS to version 1.21.
  • Improvement: Router now outputs http metrics for each application.
  • Improvement: lots of tweaks to make the cluster run smoothly.
  • Fix: metrics collected by Prometheus now are properly cleaned up when retention period expires.
  • Fix: Builder can now handle every and all of AWS regions.

(*) Contact Support to enable this feature.


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